8 Best Headphones under $500 | Top Picks Of 2022

If you are here reading this, then there are two things that we know about you for sure,

  • You love music!
  • You are struggling to find your ideal headphone!

Every audiophile wants the best headphones out there and you are in the right place now, we got you covered!

Finding great quality earphones is as tough as finding a needle in a plot full of hay. Especially since the market is flooded with all the new technologies and innovations. As the modifications in technology occur you’ll struggle to find your ideal headphone that satisfies your ears.

But no matter how much you love music, you might not love the price that real quality costs. And going for a new headphone might cost a pretty penny. While you’ll still want to invest in a good quality headphone, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get them.

It’s not always so that expensive headphones are better ones, There are still very impressive headphones for under $500.However, trying to find the best option of a million ones already there in the market can take days(even if you are an audiophile). So why not leave the tough parts to us and enjoy the research that we have done for you already.

That’s why we’ve curated this guide to help you find the best headphones within the price range!

First of all, in an overview of the best headphones overall in a brief format, and below are the detailed reviews to help clear the picture for you. So let’s begin without further delay!

8 Best Headphones under $500 | Top Picks

1. Sennheiser HD 660S

2. Jaybird Vista

3. Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro

4. Beats Studio3

5. Bose QuietComfort 35

6. Hifiman Sundara Over-Ear Headphones

7. Sony WH1000XM3

8. RHA CL2 Planar in-Ear Headphones

1. Sennheiser HD 660S

Best Headphones under 500

The HD 660S headphones are an upgrade to the classic ones, the HD 650, which has been recognized worldwide for clear, precise performance. The audio quality is simply incredible and much more precise than it has ever been.

For better audio quality and user comfort, these headphones are German-engineered. These have an open back design that provides an airy sensation, particularly if you already have an enclosed listening area. The accessible architecture also provides an edge to these headphones for studio recordings.

If you’re a fan of music, you’ll note the riches you’ve rarely heard of before, even though you’ve been listening to the same albums a hundred times.

2. Jaybird Vista

Best Headphones under 500

The JayBird Vista headphones give some good sound experience out from the box, with outstanding functionality characteristics they stand out among other real wireless headphones out there.

In the past decade, truly Bluetooth headphones certainly have come such a long way. They were once huge, voluminous, and lacked all of the features that are feasible for Bluetooth headphones.

Like many other Jaybird headphones, you can even use the Vista software to tailor the sounds to your musical preference. To get a personalized EQ, you can also take a test. You have to listen to particular frequencies in the quiz and score how well you can hear them. The information is then taken and a personalized EQ environment is formulated based on how you hear it.

We don’t know about you but we think that this test makes the earphone a million times cooler and also makes it customizable.

The battery lasts around 6 hours for these headphones; with just a little extra charge it can be stored for on-the-go energy in the case.

If you’re looking for a pair of real wireless headphones, in short, these have more value than their cost, so really do consider the Vista.

3. Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro

Best Headphones under 500

The Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro headphones are nothing but accurate and fascinating. They deliver noticeably clean and vivid audio which tends to generate a warmer, analog-like sound, surely being a definite improvement from original headphones.

There are far too many improvements that you might not recognize you do not listen to the sound by yourself, which is precisely what makes them so great. These headphones also boost Beyer’s prior versions’ treble performance, which is a pleasant improvement that makes it all worth grabbing this pair.

Coming to the bass level now, the bass, with more than enough details and blending, is also spectacular. Also, coming from a brand like Beyerdynamic these headphones are simply flawless.

4. Beats Studio3

Best Headphones under 500

Headphones of studio performance quality are much better while they’re still handy when out and about. And that is where the

Headphones of Beats Studio3 fly through.

You will get 3 hours of listening in a mere time of 10 minutes. They have the feature of fast charging and are completely charged even before you notice. A full charge allows users to connect to their fav jams for up to 22 hours.

They’re truly wireless headphones. This makes them very handy, as you wouldn’t have to deal with cables. They are great, whether you are chilling at home or traveling. They do provide a cord to be used with them if you don’t have time to charge them. Overall, they are a smart choice and also under the budget line.

5. Bose QuietComfort 35

Best Headphones under 500

QuietComfort 35 is simply one of the best options available. You know you are having an unparalleled experience when you get a Bose product.

These are over-ear headphones, which, while improving the noise-canceling feature also, build a more relaxed feel. Another special feature of this package is that they’ve been enabled for Bose AR. Even if you’ve never learned of this yet, it’s an assistive technology that is very immersive and centers on audio.

Bose is among the world’s pioneers in high-quality audio devices.

Right away, you get excellent sound quality, but you can also personalize your preferences, which is perfect for audiophiles. Established your customized sound modules on the software and turn them to whatever you listen to.

6. Hifiman Sundara Over-Ear Headphones

Best Headphones under 500

The Hifiman Sundara headphones are impressively sleek and stylish. Being lightweight they provide exceptional comfort. Built with a premium quality material, you can feel good about your purchase, knowing they won’t shatter or scuff easily.

These headphones boost the visibility of high-range frequencies immensely. They further deliver greater bass that, even as the beat rises, keeps up its audio quality. Also, the treble is well defined and detailed without sounding overly bright.

The matte black texture is the whipped cream on top of a set of headphones that look gorgeous and perform excellently. A headband that spreads weight makes it super soft and comfortable for long hours.

7. Sony WH1000XM3

Best Headphones under 500

These Sony headphones, if you want specialized sound isolation, are among the best for the price. The sound is consistent and simple. Even though they’re wireless, the sound won’t lag behind you either.

These headphones certainly deliver when it comes to battery capacity. You get an exceptional battery life of 30 hours with just a single pump. To get another 5 hours of playback, just charge it for a fast 10 minutes.

They’re also wireless, which is even better provided that not one but several microphones are built-in. For headphones like these, it is still pretty uncommon to have a microphone inside the set itself. That implies you can go hands-free altogether. To take care of canceling outside disturbance, count on the extra mics so that your voice comes out crystal clear. It also has Amazon Alexa capabilities built-in so you’ll have quick hands-free access to your music and more.

8. RHA CL2 Planar in-Ear Headphones

Best Headphones under 500

RHA CL2 Planar brings to you a different type of headphones. A lot of music lovers tend to stay away from in-ear headphones as they can easily get tangled. But these headphones from RHA CL2 Planar can be used wired, or wireless, which is a major convenience.

Most of the headphones in this list are over-ear designs but if you need in-ear headphones then these are the ones for you; as they’re in-ear headphones they are also called earbuds.

Available with Bluetooth, these headphones serve you with convenience. You can use them with just about any device, which is another plus point.

The RHA also has the world’s tiniest planar magnetic drivers. It’s just the best; you can’t beat it for astounding audio clarity.

Each set comes with a collapsible flight case, a flight adapter, a pouch, and a sports clip as well as foam ear tips. It’s a great option in the in-ear headphone department.

Are $500 Headphones Worth It?

500 dollars is not a small amount! You obviously would want to spend your money on a great product and reap the benefit of every single penny. But really is $500 even worth it? This is a question often asked by audiophiles who are looking at high-end headphones. Are those $500 headphones worth the steep expense?

Well if you have chosen a headphone from the list above then we can assure you that they obviously are worth it because the entire headphone listed here are among the best ones available in the market.

A common assertion within the musical community is that we should buy the most expensive, advanced equipment we can possibly afford. That may be true for an accomplished professional studio producer.

But this isn’t true for the majority of people, even if you’re starting your mixing or producing career. While you’ll enjoy the expensive headphones, it’s still a bit of wastage as there are plenty of headphones under $500 that perform with professional studio-quality output. And there is no need to spend ore to get the best output. Ultimately, whether the headphones are worth it or not, truly depends on your personal needs.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind before going for a new headphone pair-

Qualities to Keep in Mind

It’s best to priorities the characteristics that are important to you when shopping for your new headphones, so you know exactly what to look for. Knowing what you’re searching for will help you to quickly filter through all the choices.

Comfort Level

Always Look for features like padding on the headband and ear pads. Some headphones are also customizable so that you can customize them to accommodate your head perfectly, simply ensure the standard of construction is decent, and also that they won’t quickly slide down.

You want them to be comfortable, whether you wear headphones for work, playing, or only every now and then.

When it comes to comfort, another thing to remember is what type of headphones would be most comfortable for you. Some people just dislike the feeling of in-ear headphones. Others find over-the-ear headphones too much.

Advanced Technology

Many latest models will support several innovative technologies that improve their sounds, frequency response, and performance, depending on how new the model is.

You can go for elevated impedance, for starters. When they are plugged in and are excellent for operating in sound studios, higher impedance headphones would perform better.

Another advanced feature that you may be engaged in is noise – cancellation functionality. Be on the lookout for these kinds of features, if flawless sound quality is high on your list of standards.

What Type of Audio They’re Best For

You want to find headphones that are most suitable for the type of audio that you mostly listen to. Will they be most commonly used for work, games, music, or podcasts? some headphones are known,  For their simple voices,  and others are great powerful bass monsters.

Wireless or Corded

This is totally up to you. You should decide whether you want corded or wireless headphones.

Often they will have a versatile cord that can be detached so that you can connect to Bluetooth, but you’ll need to take care of their battery life.

For individuals who want to wear their headphones whilst working out, Wireless would be a wiser choice. Wireless will be the perfect option if you are very busy and do not want to have to deal with the stress of trying to untangle a cable. You should probably go with headphones that have a cord if you don’t care about the cord and want the absolute best sound quality.

On-ear vs Over-ear Headphones

Earbuds will let in the most external noise, and the best noise isolation will be provided in over-the-ear headphones. Whereas in-ear headphones have a sound quality somewhere in between.   They offer excellent audio quality, and yet they still let some external noises through. This will come down to either you want a completely immersive experience or still have some awareness of your environment.

One’s mobility is another thing that distinguishes various types of headphones off from each other. There are far tinier and lightweight on-ear headphones, making them much simpler to transport in a bag or pockets. While over-ear headphones have greater precision, they can be very extensive and not as easy to travel with.

earbuds or in-ear headphones produce Less noise outside your ears. The sound is delicate and sent directly into your ear because they are so small. With very little to no noise leaking outside, this helps you to hear the sound perfectly.

There can be quite a bit of external noise leaking over the earphones. This is because, compared to earbuds that go straight into the ear, there’s not much of a barrier. Sound leakage will draw attention towards you because of your headphones and be a distraction to nearby people.


Now to conclude, you now know that the output and sound quality of your headphones can be influenced by several different factors. There are various types and features to choose from, and choosing which ones would be better can be daunting.

Always go for the ones that suit you and have the necessary features.

The good news is that in the market there are plenty of decent headphones below $500. Use the tips that we have given and go for any of the models on our list. We assure you of full musical satisfaction.

Do spend your 500$ wisely and have a great shopping experience!

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