7 Best Headphones Under $300 | Top Picks

Oh, won’t you love those new headphones that are so much better than those that are lying on your bed right now? But as soon as we say headphones you’ll surely think of the cost and their performance!

But don’t you worry cause we are about to shoot you with 7 Best Headphones Under $300, all with a bomb performance quality and well under your budget.

The headphones below are chosen after carefully testing and then comparing various options available in the market.

So rest assured because we have combined reasonable cost with great quality.

According to our tests, the best headphones under $300 are the Bose Soundlink.

But let’s first go through short reviews of all the headphones below!

7 Best Headphones Under $300 | Top Picks

1. Bose Soundlink

Best Headphones Under 300

If you’re watching the videos or answering the phone, these Bose over-ear headphones offer amazing sound. And if you’re sporting them outside on a windy day, it won’t change your call quality.

This is because, with a pair of headphones, the noise cancellation is very well established and takes into account all your desires.

Another cool aspect is just how quickly these Bluetooth headphones can be flipped between different devices, so your listening would be almost limitless.

The build quality of these over earphones is outstanding, and the Bluetooth range is impressive; up to 30 feet without any interference in your audio, Also, you can switch away between your Bluetooth connection easily, which you cannot get with poorer quality Bluetooth or wired headphones.

  • Excellent sound balance
  • Comfortable for long wear
  • Very crisp highs and mids
  • Over-ear noise cancellation could be improved

2. Beats Solo3

Best Headphones Under 300

The Beats Solo3 is like a god when it comes to battery life. To get up to 40 hours of playback, you could use a full battery charge, or take a 5-minute rapid charge for around 3 hours of battery life capacity.

We tried testing the range and connectivity. Before there was even a hint of pause or interruption, we were able to afford a decent 50 to 60 feet away from our linked devices.

Although Bluetooth over earphone communication has a notoriety for being somewhat unstable, a special Apple W1 chip is used for these headphones. That means activation and connection are practically smooth, with an expanded range that beats more headphones with Bluetooth.

  • Extremely efficient pairing with Apple devices
  • Comfortable leather ear pads
  • Clear, high-quality sound output
  • Not as durable as previous models

3. Bose Soundsport Free

Best Headphones Under 300

Want high-quality sound? Meet Bose Soundsport Free headphones!

These headphones can withstand almost everything that goes into a workout.

When you work out, you get more safety from all the gym’s active noise; but it doesn’t end there, the design also allows you to remain protected through almost any amount of physical activity. They’re resilient too, being immune to both weather and sweat. Surely they will last, through a lot of activity.

These Bose Soundsport headphones give you an upper hand in the gym workout session. They are a type of mix between over-ear headphones and in-ear buds.

  • Includes charging case for 10 hours of extended battery
  • Sweat and weatherproof
  • The app can locate lost headphones
  • Limited battery life

4. PowerBeats Pro

Best Headphones Under 300

These entirely wireless, easy to connect, and virtually hassle-free headphones have managed to catch our eye. These PowerBeats Pro headphones are perfect for individuals when out and about as well as those who need supreme comfort combined with a sharp sound.

As soon as you put them on, they start up rapidly. This is because special sensors are used, and these special sensors boost the quality of your call voice as well.

One of our favorite parts is that without even grabbing your mobile, it is easy to control the headphones with the touch of a button. Each headphone has buttons, coupled with voice command capabilities, to monitor track search, volume, play, and pause.

  • Enhanced voice and optical sensors
  • Includes charging case for 24 more hours of battery
  • Very durable, sweatproof
  • Fast charge gives less battery life than others (1 ½ hour)

5. Plantronics Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Headphones Under 300

A fan of Plantronics? Then here are the perfect headphones for you! If you are planning on using them at home or on a long flight, these Plantronics wireless headphones have everything you could want.

Firstly, they have a much longer battery life than other wireless headphone pairs out there. They typically last for up to a full 24 hours.

You can still keep using them after that. Just start recharging them and use the provided cable to directly connect your headphones to your computer.

They’re comfortable enough that you can wear them for the whole day without feeling uncomfortable. And even more so if you add in the effective and ambient noise cancellation, it is also a great blend.

  • Much longer battery life than other wireless headphones (24 hours)
  • Easily to fold up and store
  • Very high wireless range (up to 330 feet)
  • Noise-canceling is good but could be better

6. Audio-Technica ATH-M50

Best Headphones Under 300

For experienced DJs and producers, as well as audiophiles, these Audio Technica headphones are indeed the clear favorite.

Whether you’re looking for something relaxed to be used at home or something with reliability that you can take to the studio, these undoubtedly are one of the most convenient sets of headphones.

If you value intense, solid bass, your favorite gear has to be these headphones. There’s nothing quite like being able to control your audio comfortably and conveniently while you’re making music.

It’s adored by all its users for more than one reason and one of them is that that this set’s earcups rotate a full 90 degrees.

  • Super clear audio in all frequency ranges
  • Earcups rotate for easier sound assessment
  • Impressive bass quality
  • Less comfortable earpads

7. Sennheiser PXC550

Best Headphones Under 300

The PXC550 is an insanely amazing pair of headphones; how responsive and well incorporated the features are is remarkable.

In order to control your sound, you can use touch controls on the headset, voice prompts, or the compatible Sennheiser apps.

It also provides more battery life on the market than almost every other set of wireless headphones. Whether you’re curious, that’s a complete playtime for up to 30 hours.

USB docking makes it much easier, no matter how far you go, the battery still cooperates with your plans readily.

With any kind of listening you do, whether you’re listening to a voice, a movie, or any music genre, the audio is very well balanced.

  • Cancels active noise in your surroundings
  • 30 hours of battery
  • Different audio modes for different media
  • Recharge prompt at 20% battery is slightly annoying

Features to Look For When Shopping For Headphones under $300

Sound Quality

Sound quality varies a great deal across leading manufacturers; if feasible, the best way to test it is to try the headphones in person often. Depending on the levels that you appreciate, there seem to be a number of different kinds of sound quality. When you really prefer bass response, then, you must be ready to spare some mid-range detail, and inversely.

Wireless vs. Corded

Headphones are either wireless and transmit audio using a Bluetooth link, or they are wired and plugged in to transmit sound. Cabled headphones, or a secure link, do not depend on life. While wireless headphones depend on both of these, they are also easier to move about with. Corded headphones appear to be less costly as well, but the choice really comes down to it. That being said, as well as with a cord, there are sets of headphones that can be used wirelessly, which is the ultimate ease.

Wireless Considerations

You have to look at certain additional characteristics if you get wireless headphones. Battery capacity & wireless distance are such primary functions. Some headphones have a range of just a couple feet or so, while others have hundreds of feet distance and can still retain a connection. Take into account how much outreach you just need.

Second, verify the lifetime of the battery. This also varies widely, so make sure it lasts long enough for you.

Noise Cancelling: How It Works

Noise cancellation operates in two main ways: first, active noise cancellation, which effectively tests the spot where the sound reaches your ear, and then projects frequencies from the opposite direction to mitigate outside noise.

Coming to Passive noise cancellation now. This is how well the headphones protect the ears and dampens outside noise.

Comfortable Wear

This is another trait that can be easier to personally find out. You may also learn about customer feedback, or get a personal suggestion. You just want to make sure that after an hour, your ears won’t get overheated, and that your headphones won’t begin to ache. Also, it depends on the materials and built quality. go with anything that feels more comfortable.


To conclude, all of these headphones are great options, For under $300. Today there are many options on the market. But you have to pay close attention to the features and the cost of such headphones. You’ll be able to get a pair of stylish headphones with just the right number of features you need for under $300. Always choose something that is ideal for you, considering both the budget as well as the features.

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