7 Best Headphones under $200 | Top Picks Of 2022

Would you believe it if we told you that you can catch up with all the latest headphone technology in the market for just a mere $200? Most of you will now question the quality, built, and function of these headphones.

But then the list below and the reviews should help clear all your doubts. We here have put together a list of the best headphones available in the market which has a heavy load of features and a light load of price tags.

The list is curated after trying and testing out a billion headphones that market themselves as the best, but really are they?

You name it and we might have tried it, headphones ranging from super cheap $200 earbuds to all the way up to premium audiophile headphones that cost a king’s ransom.

From those tests, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best headphones for those who are on a tight budget. These headphones are all great for their price, but each of them has different advantages and disadvantages.

Now without further ado, let’s get into the reviews and find out! Here are some quick reviews and guide before getting into details:-

7 Best Headphones Under $200 | Top Picks

1. Tranya H10 Hybrid

2. Urbanista London

3. Beats Solo3

4. Bose Soundsport Free

5. Cowin SE7

6. Bose QuietComfort

7. Audio Technica ATH-M50x

1. Tranya H10 Hybrid

Best Headphones under 200

These headphones from Tranya H10 Hybrid feature active noise cancellation. With impressive 24-hour battery life and premium feel, The Tranya H10 hybrid headphones give you more than you’d ever expect in a pair of headphones.

You get high quality, balanced audio with every single sound reproduced correctly. With these headphones from Tranya listen to your favorite songs how it’s meant to be heard.

They don’t accentuate any particular frequency and overall provide a pleasant experience.

Also, They’re excellent if you are a frequent traveler since they are easily collapsible and allow you to either cancel out the noise around you or enhance it.

To sum it up these headphones are durable, reliable, and comfortable pairs of over-ear headphones, and getting them would be a smart choice.

2. Urbanista London

Best Headphones under 200

The Urbanista London are True Bluetooth headphones with an outstanding 25 hours of battery life, integrated noise cancellation, voice recognition, ambient sound mode, and other incredible capabilities.

They’re comfy enough to be used for hours without any kind of problems. Such headphones are perfect for cyclists, runners, and meetings being a fantastic pick for all purposes.

These headphones’ audio quality is similar to earbuds that cost twice as much and have the same characteristics as noise cancellation, ear tracking, and wireless charging capability.

These are one of our favorite truly wireless headphones, overall, and priced at just under $150, which is a steal given all the features packed inside.

3. Beats Solo3

Best Headphones under 200

In specific, Beats headphones appear to cater to individuals who respect deep bass, and these are no exception, but the overall sound is much more refined than you could imagine.

For headphones that sound this extraordinary, 40 hours of battery performance is almost like a dream. They sound fantastic, are super energy efficient, and remain connected without any problem.

The extra-cushy ear cups are wearable For several hours at a time. The headphone design itself is flexible, so you really don’t have to worry whether these headphones are going to be perfect for situations like long flights or not.

In contrast to the previous Solo 2 series, the Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones have dramatically improved their internal component performance. Hand’s down, increased battery life is one of the best features. The battery life of these headphones is around 40 hours for either Apple or Android appliances.

On the side of the headphones themselves, the buttons are placed, so they’re simple to use and sound amazing. These are an outstanding pick in the $200 price range, and our Editor’s choice top pick.

4. Bose Soundsport Free

Best Headphones under 200

Bose’s Soundsport Free wireless earbuds have a small size and consistent audio and are one of the best wireless choices around nowadays. A charging case comes with these sleek style buds, and they are easy to take with you on the go.

These are genuine wireless, minimalist in-ear headphones, without the irritating twisted wires part. Since they are sweat and water-resistant with an IPX4 mark,  can use them for your workout regimen.

Compared to other headphones, battery life is too short – up to 5 hours. Fortunately, there are two additional charges for the carrying case, so you won’t need to be hooked to a wall every day just to use those earbuds.

These earbuds will have you wrapped, whether you are answering a call in the rain or getting in shape with your tunes. Call audio is accessible only via the right earbud, so bear that in mind if using one bud at a time.

5. Cowin SE7

Best Headphones under 200

For all those looking for a savings alternative, the Cowin SE7 seems to be the finest over-ear headphones. For prolonged listening times, comfortable ear cushions offer immense comfort.

These Bluetooth headphones’ sound quality is good value for money and perfect for intense drum and bass. Take note, after all, that vocals and instruments can lack clarification, particularly as they do not exclude much outside background.

These Bluetooth headphones are a perfect alternative for the fashion conscious. The communication distance of Bluetooth headphones is almost 15 meters, so you would not have to be stuck to your computer to use your headphones.

These are portable and don’t give your head a great deal of pressure to stay on. They get very moist in high temperatures though, and you’re going to have to take breaks in wearing them. Likewise, for workout sessions, these may not be the ideal headphones.

In order to simplify your life even further, you can activate all commands for music and phone calls through buttons installed in the earpiece.

6. Bose QuietComfort

Best Headphones under 200

The Bose QuietComfort wired headphones give you the efficiency, luxury, and sophistication of studio headphones, all in a reasonably priced bundle. In order to completely indulge oneself in one’s music, these around-ear headphones offer excellent noise cancellation.

They have some of the highest standard sounds that are balanced, deep, strong, and unhindered by unnecessary interruptions.

Around-ear headphones after constant use are infamous for leaving a flat spot in the hair, so these are no exception. These are, however, made from a new hybrid fiber of cotton and felt that will make you more relaxed than other around-ear versions.

After long-term usage, you would not struggle as much with excessive heat and sweat accumulation. For your convenience, earcups change and rotate and allow for convenient storage in the tidy case included.

7. Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Best Headphones under 200

You can easily take the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 from your home to the studio, as it is engineered to be portable, but also ideal for home theatre use. If you’re listening to songs or your favorite podcast, they are well-balanced and sound wonderful.

The impressive, deep bass is something that makes Audio Technica ATH-M50x a great choice for all the EDM lovers out there. A cover and two separate varieties of cables are included in these headphones: a removable coiled cable (3.9′-9.8 ‘) and a detachable straight cable (3.9’). There is no mic or controller on either form of cable. Hence, with these headphones, you would not be able to make or receive phone calls.

Thanks to the unique design that curves around your ears, outside noises are separated. Padded ear cups allow for a good listening experience. Best of all, top critics and skilled music producers have widely touted the ATH-M50x for its sonic sound output.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Headphones

Finding a pair of headphones with great sound, comfort while being within your price range is not impossible. Yes for sure it might be hard because of the various varieties available in the market but it’s easy when you search at the right place you’ll find everything that you wished for.

We typically expect quality and cost to correlate and that’s the sole reason why we assume that the more expensive the headphones, the better the quality.

Nonetheless, if you have this far, you can see that this is not always the case. Sure, included features will often be limited or reduced. However, you can still get quality headphones at a great price point.

Even if you know about the main functions and the best headphone models available in the market it is still necessary to know about some things that might help you in the long run. Here are a few things that you should know before laying your hands on a specific headphone-

In-Ear, On-Ear, or Over-Ear

Because of their small size and usability, in-ear headphones are still popular. These are earbuds that stick straight into the ear. These are small in size and simple to store, perfect for the average consumer who just wants a well-rounded piece.

The size of the on-ear headphones is much larger and not as discrete or simple to store. These are, however, smaller, lighter, and simpler to store than over-ear headphones. If you are looking for decent sound quality at a cheaper price, this is a perfect middle ground.

Over-ear headphones are wide and fit over the ear. They’re your best bet for comfort. These are perfect for long plane trips or for those who, when learning, frequently listen to music.

Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200

Let’s just set something straight! Noise ISOLATION and noise CANCELLATION is not the same thing.

When you’re looking for headphones in the price range of under 200 dollars, some headphones might have noise cancellation, while other ones may not, and believe it or not but noise cancellation plays an important role in your overall music experience.

It’s really important to know what you’re getting and if it will suit your eardrums.

Noise isolation is often referred to as passive noise canceling. This function operates by the means of external ear cups,   External interference is minimized due to the tight seal over your ears. For the average consumer who still expects to be willing to hear louder sounds, such as sirens or loud voices, these are fantastic. You can indeed figure out how to make headphones clearer when too much distortion still percolates in.

Active noise canceling (ANC) operates via an internal audio processor that replicates opposite noises to balance out background noise. Always be sure to check that the headphones you want to purchase allow this function to be switched off. Since the ANC works very well to block noises, in some cases, you may also want to turn that off.

Active noise cancellation offers a completely immersive environment which is safer for ear protection because to cancel out noise, you won’t have to turn up the volume. ANC headphones are normally at the higher end of the $200 range.

Open-Back or Closed-Back Headphones

Closed-Back Headphones

This type of headphone often isolates background noise this happens because the ear cup is closed off at the end. The closed-back headphones design simply means that the outside facing side of the ear cup is closed off with either plastic or metal. Hence; Sound stays within the cups and is less likely to leak.

On the other hand, open-back headphones are stereo-like speakers and do not have the solid plastic or metal piece on the outside of the ear cup. These are often quite pricey and as we were on a strict budget line to follow, these were not included on our list.


When buying headphones, comfort is one of the most significant features. This means taking into account the type of earpiece, the materials used the weight of the entire collection, and how you are going to use them. It is possible that better materials will push up the prices, so look only at the high end of our $200 range. If you tend to use your headphones for long hours at a time, it will significantly pay off to pay attention to comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What quality level can I expect in this price range?

$200 is enough for a pair of decent headphones for most individuals. You can expect premium fabrics, an eye for detail, and a higher quality of performance at this price point. Many people find headphones to sound fantastic in this price range. Audiophiles who obsess over the meticulousness of audio are the only anomaly. You may want to increase your budget to $500+ if you’re an audiophile.

What types of headphones have the best sound quality?

The short answer would be that, In most cases, over-ear headphones sound the best. Over-ear headphones can evenly disperse audio and allow your ears to pick up sounds more naturally. Making any audio sound slightly better.

Are wireless headphones good?

Some individuals could argue that you’re using wireless headphones, the audio quality is decreased. A decade ago, this was real.  Bluetooth technology, however, has now evolved to the point that the quality of performance between wired and wireless headphones is almost similar.


With the right headphones, the listening experience can be rich, diverse, and more immersive. Even better is upgrading your audio experience at a bargain price. Now while concluding this list we believe that you have understood that not all expensive headphones are worthy of every penny. Also spending or staying inside a budget line is a must.

There are so many headphone choices available on the market for $200. You don’t have to compromise with anything, not the quality, the performance, nor the battery, you can spend a mere 200 dollars and still get a premium audiophile experience. There is something for everyone on this list, from noise-canceling headphones to cozy, lounge styles. Chose the attributes that will most support you and go from there.

To conclude we think that the headphone that you should definitely go for is the first one mentioned above that is – the Tranya H10 Hybrid which is absolutely amazing and has to manage to woo all the ears! It is super-premium model with the best performance but then again don’t choose a headphone without considering all its advantages and disadvantage. Get a headphone that fulfills all your demands and needs.

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