8 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 30 USD | Top Picks Of 2022

Don’t you all just love how convenient Bluetooth speakers are? There is no need to introduce Bluetooth speakers due to their popularity and availability. They save you a ton of time that is required to find wires and pen drives.

Bluetooth speakers also assure better sound quality and instant connections but finding a Bluetooth speaker with great audio quality at a reasonable price tag these days is a job that is next to impossible!

If you are looking for a great Bluetooth speaker but are on a tight budget then here is the list of some of the best ones available in the market both online and offline. The Bluetooth speakers mentioned below are categorized according to their capacities for example the best portable ones or the best sound quality.

You can go for any of the speakers in the below list without a doubt, they are some of the best speakers and have high customer ratings. None of the speakers mentioned below will deceive you; all of them are the most well-made choices out there.

8 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 30 USD | Top Picks

1. XLEADER Soundangel Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

This speaker by X leader is truly the angel of all sounds. First of all, it is appealing and guarantees the best performance ever. It comes in a sleek compact design that is available in various colors.

You can pick from silver, gold, black, and rose gold colors; all of which look quite elegant. The material used in manufacturing the speaker is strong and will last you many years.

It comes in a circular flat shape that is just like a disc and is equipped with touch-sensitive buttons at the top and the speaker at the bottom. Even the surface of this speaker is smooth and even and the design is simple yet attractive.

It can easily be paired with smartphones, laptops, iPhone, Kindle, MP3 as well as iPods. It also is equipped with a 3D audio processor and one USB charging cable. Apart from that it also has one 3.5mm audio cable, a user manual, a waterproof EVA case, and a warranty card that safeguards it for 3 years.

This speaker has the best performance whatsoever. It comes with a 40mm driver and a 3D audio processor that gives a great sound experience. The sound is loud and crisp. The only shortcoming of this speaker is that the bass is not the best but it is average and satisfactory.

Even when the speaker is located at the bottom the sound is not muffled rather it comes out louder. It can be paired up with any 5.0 Bluetooth devices easily.

The best part about this Bluetooth device is its battery; a lithium polymer battery makes this Bluetooth speaker exceptional. You can use the speaker for weeks with just a single charge and the battery does not drain easily. The price you pay is reasonable and you get amazing features for a fair price.

2. AYL Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $30


This Bluetooth speaker is compact and light. It has a feeling design and is available in black, Ocean blue, and forest green color. It is shaped like a box and the frame is made of plastic.

It is universally compatible which means it can be connected to almost every device. It uses Bluetooth but it can also be connected to devices via an aux cable. It also has a small LED light indicator that changes colors to give signals.

Apart from that this speaker also has a power, volume up-down, and skip button. All these buttons are located on the top. The speaker also has two ports for aux and USB charging on the right side.

It is a great speaker and is made with highly durable material. It is quite lightweight and can be easily carried. The sound is crisp and clean. The bass offered by this speaker is powerful and the highs and mids of songs are audible.

It is just a perfect option for pool parties and outdoor gatherings because of its ipx5 rating. It is waterproof but it might get damaged if it is submerged in water.

The speaker also has an option that allows you to take calls and is easily paired with any device thanks to the 5.0 Bluetooth installed in it. Its connectivity range is a little more than 33 feet and there is no lagging of sound. Talking about the battery, it does not rain easily and will last up to 11 hours with a single charge. You can go for the speaker without a doubt.

3. Bugani M99 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

This cylindrical speaker from bugani comes in a jet black color. It has a very appealing design with textured aluminum built. The speaker looks quite premium with its metal finish and elegant design. It has a LED light that indicates its connectivity status.

The speaker also has a feature of hands-free calling. Apart from all that volume adjustment, forward-backward, and power buttons at present on the right side of the speaker. it is also equipped with the USB charging cable, 3.5 mm audio cable, a bracket, and a user manual.

There’s no lagging or stuttering of the sound. Its 16 w drivers produce a loud and clear sound. The sound quality is also great. The bass this speaker provides is exceptionally good. All the low and mid sounds are produced clearly.

It uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity and has a great range. It easily pairs up with any kind of device. Talking about the battery of this speaker, it lasts for days with just a single charge. It’s a perfect option for any kind of party or gathering or even for cycling thanks to the bracket.

4. SANAG Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

This portable speaker from Sanag comes in red, black, and blue color. It is manufactured using rubber and fabric materials to give it durability and strength. It is covered with a fabric to give 360 degree HD sounds.

The buttons are located on the side of the lower half of the speaker. The speaker also has a cable for charging and charges through micro USB. A small LED light is installed in the speaker to indicate its status. The speaker is compatible with all types of Bluetooth devices.

The speaker also features a detachable strap that has a loop, which makes it extremely handy and portable. The charging port is protected with a special covering that stops water from damaging the device making it a great waterproof Bluetooth device.

It comes with the 5w powerful speaker that produces loud sounds. The best produce strong and the sound remains clean. There is no type of lagging or stuttering of the sound. Even at 75% volume, the music is audible in a crispy and clean. It is very strong and durable.

All ranges of sound are produced in a great way by this speaker. You will not observe the cracking of sound with this speaker. The battery also lasts for a long time with a single charge. The best part about this speaker has to be its waterproof quality. Even when it is submerged in water completely the speaker has no sort of damage. Do go for the speaker without a doubt.

5. AY Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

This speaker has a very distinctive shape. It is a stylish triangular Bluetooth speaker.it is equipped with two ports one for aux cable and the other for micro USB. These sports are covered with a flap that makes the device waterproof.

The left side of the speaker has all the buttons for controlling its volume and power. It can be paired easily with any kind of Bluetooth device. The buttons of the speaker made with silicone and hence are waterproof just like the whole speaker. Its packaging contains a USB charging cable, 3.5-millimeter audio cable, one float speaker, a wrist strap, and a user manual.

This Bluetooth device guarantees the finest performance. It is everything that a Bluetooth speaker needs. It features a 5000mah rechargeable li-ion battery that lasts 24 hours when the speaker runs at 50% volume. It produces loud and crisp sounds and perfectly balances high as well as mid-range sounds.

The music is audible without any sort of stuttering or lagging. The surround sound provided by this speaker is better than in most of the speakers at its price range. The bass is also of great quality. The best part of the speaker is its ipx7 rating.

It is completely waterproof and even if you submerge the speaker underwater for about 30 minutes there will be no kind of damage to it. It has a built-in mic that features anti-noise and anti-interference for better signal transmission.it also allows you to pick up calls and answer them. Overall it’s a great speaker at a very affordable cost.

6. BassPal Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

The Basspal portable Bluetooth speaker features a set of two small wireless Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are compatible with the iPhone, Alexa, tablet laptop smartphones, and all types of Bluetooth enabled devices.

These speakers are portable and very lightweight; you can easily carry them around with you thanks to their compact but stylish design. At the bottom of the speaker, a control unit is installed that has buttons for volume, Bluetooth, power, and play pause.

The upper half comprises of speakers and the lower half has plastic covering over it. Apart from that, there are two LED lights on the lower half of the front portion in the speakers that indicate its connectivity status as well as charging status. The packing of the speakers includes two micro USB charging cables and a user manual.

These speakers guarantee a high-end Bluetooth speaker performance. The best part of the speaker is that you can use them together or individually depending on your sound requirements. They produce a loud bass without any kind of lag.

The connectivity and pairing part of this device is amazing thanks to the Wii 4.2 Bluetooth technology that is known to be the fastest and smoothest one available out there. The speaker is efficient in producing all kinds of sounds properly. The mid-range sounds are Crisp and audible and the high-end sounds are not overpowering.

It uses a true wireless stereo technology that delivers the best sound quality. Even when the device has two individual speakers they are quite efficient in producing synchronized sounds. The battery of this Bluetooth speaker lasts for about 8 to 10 hours depending on the usage and is easily rechargeable within 3 hours. Overall this is one of the most convenient and handy speakers that you could lay your hands on.

7. Tronsmart Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

This portable speaker is lightweight and very convenient to use. It is just the size of a soda can and is cylindrical. The fabric mesh covers the speaker and makes it durable. It is equipped with a 360-degree speaker which is covered by a small plastic cap.

The power, volume, play, and pause buttons are located on this cap. Like every other speaker this speaker also has ports that are located on the midsection of the speaker and a protected by a plastic flap. The packaging includes a USB charging cable, 3.5 mm audio cable along with a user manual.

It also comes with a handy strap that makes it a reliable option to carry this trap is quite strong n study; it enables you to attach the speaker to backpacks and purses. Its Bluetooth compatibility options include A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP.

It is a waterproof speaker with an ipx6 rating that shields it against water damage. To talk about the battery life it possesses a lithium-ion 2500 MH battery that lets you use this speaker for 24 hours at a volume of 50%.

You can easily charge this speaker in 3 hours from zero up to 100%. It’s a blasting speaker that promises great sound quality.It has a mini subwoofer on the bottom that vibrates when the music is being played and gives a great bass as well as an audio experience.

If you consider the price range then the sound quality delivered is quite satisfactory, the highs in the mid sounds are balanced.

8. SH1DU Bluetooth speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $30

This speaker is rated as the best waterproof speaker on this list. Let’s talk about its design first, It is a very compact speaker and has a flat square shape. Thanks to its compact design it is portable and easy to handle. The speaker is fitted at the top if laid on the surface but also can be kept vertically.

It has an SOS alarm feature and the little D-ring that allows you to attach it to your bags as well as a purse. The D ring also makes it extremely handy. The speaker is fitted with a built-in microphone that allows you to take calls and answer them.

It is compatible with any sort of Bluetooth device and can also be paired with an iPhone, laptop iPod MP3, and smartphone. Its design is a distinctive one but is still quite attractive.

This Bluetooth speaker promises clear sound and powerful bass. The sound is crystal clear and balances all types of sounds properly. The high, mid, and lows are audible clearly without any type of lag.

The speaker gives a fuller audio experience. Last but not the least let’s talk about its battery and connectivity, it uses advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology that pairs up easily and gives smooth sound.

Its range is up to a hundred feet and there is no connectivity issue as such. The speaker is also waterproof and water-resistant that makes it perfect for outdoor. Overall it’s an amazing speaker.

FAQ For Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 30 Dollar

Now that you know about the best speakers available let’s go through some frequently asked questions to clear all your queries.

1. How to turn on bluetooth on the phone or tablet in parrot to your bluetooth speaker?

Most Bluetooth user manuals give clear and detailed instructions about the pairing of the device. However to pair your Bluetooth device with your source go in settings, Bluetooth, then turn the Bluetooth on and simply pair it with the device.

2. Can you leave bluetooth on all the time on speaker

Bluetooth can be switched on and left on but it will lead to draining of the battery. Make sure to switch the Bluetooth device off after you are done playing your songs full stop when MI Bluetooth devices also feature automatic turn-off mechanism but it’s best to switch the device off when not in use.

Final Verdict

That is all about affordable Bluetooth speakers. Make an ideal choice according to your needs. We recommend that you get any of Bluetooth speaker that is on this list. No speaker will disappoint you as this list is curated by combining the top-rated products. Only the finest products are listed on this list above.

How to choose best Bluetooth speaker:- Complete Buying Guide

Even if you know about the best models available in the market you still lack a little perspective. The buying guide will surely help you in clearing all your queries and give you a great direction for spending money over your beats.

It includes information about important factors of any Bluetooth speaker that you should consider before buying. Go through the buying guide to make a knowledgeable choice.

Design And Audio Quality

The best tip here is to go with a portable design and 360-degree audio quality. Keep in mind that you need convenience from your Bluetooth speaker and hence having a speaker with a portable design will be better.

Also, make sure that the speaker is made from high-quality premium materials so that it is durable. For audio quality always check if the sound is balanced and having a speaker with 360 degrees sound will give you rich and fuller audio.

Connectivity Option

Check if the Bluetooth speaker offers a variety of connectivity options. Some speakers allow you to connect via Bluetooth as well as cables, which make them quite convenient. Also, look for an option of NFC that helps you quickly pair with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

It would be great to have a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to connect to multiple devices at the same time, this will allow you to switch between different users.

USB Charging

USB charging means that you can charge your speaker without an electric outlet. Power banks will charge you the speaker for you. Also, look for an option that supports the micro USB port to connect with power banks.

Battery Life

Battery life is something that you should pay more attention to. Look for a satisfactory battery life of 15 hours or above depending on your usage. Some Bluetooth devices also feature fast charge which is a great option.

Extra Features

Also, check for features like water-resistant, dust resistance, shockproof nature extra. Water-resistance is important for a speaker if you love to host pool parties. It is also a great option to take with you if you go camping or tracking frequently.

Rough users should also check for the shockproof nature of the Bluetooth speaker and dust resistance will give you a speaker with more durability.

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