10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200 | Top Picks Of 2022

Bluetooth speakers are like dream come true for all the audiophiles out there. They are very convenient and handy to use. You can easily pair them with any device and enjoy a blast of music in seconds. With the advancement in technology, speakers have gotten all the necessary modifications that include their waterproof feature as well as hands-free modes.

But just as the speaker’s price tag also has become advance. It’s really hard to find a speaker that fulfills your requirements and is within the budget.

There are millions of options to choose from when it comes to Bluetooth speakers but if your budget line restricts you from doing so then here are a few options that you could easily choose from. The list includes a total of 10 best Bluetooth speakers out there.

These are the most amazing speakers and are highly rated by all the customers. You can choose any of the speakers from the following list and they will surely surpass your expectations.

Now enough with the talk! We are sure that you know everything about Bluetooth speakers. Let’s just get to the list without further delay.

10 Best Bluetooth Speakers under $200

1. JBL charge 4 portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $150

The first speaker Bluetooth speaker on the list had to be from JBL. It is one of the most trusted and popular brands when it comes to jamming to your favorite songs. The speaker from JBL has a great sound quality with strong bass.

It is enough to rattle the neighborhood. The speaker is quite stylish and has 10 different color options. It is durable and is portable thanks to the metal hooks provided on either side of the speaker. It perfectly plays all kinds of music, balancing between the highs and lows of the sound correctly and smoothly.

However sometimes at high volume sound can be overpowering. The speaker is made with high-quality fabric and has a strong and sturdy builds. The battery lasts for about 20 hours with a single charge and does not drain easily.

It also features a noise and echo cancellation feature. The best part about the speaker is that it is splash-proof making it a perfect option for outdoor parties and pool parties.

2. Bose SoundLink revolve portable Bluetooth 360 speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

The Bose SoundLink revolve portable Bluetooth 360 speaker is awarded the second position on our list. It is one of the best speakers that you could go for. It gives the best performance right from its water-resistant body to great battery life this speaker is the finest option in its price range.

As the name suggests, this speaker provides a full feeling sound with 360 degrees uniform coverage feature. It has hands free mode and gives access to features like Google Assistant and Siri. The build of the speaker is stylish and strong due to its aluminum body.

It is very durable and easy to carry. It is also a transcendent option for pool parties as it has an ipx4 rated water-resistant body, which secures it against splashes of water. Apart from the hands-free mode this speaker also has a range of 30 feet so you don’t have to carry the speaker around with you everywhere you go.

It also features simultaneous connectivity for two devices we are wireless Bluetooth pairing. The sound quality is great and is enough for small gatherings but the bass lacks behind just a little bit.

Talking about the battery the speaker has a battery life of about 12 hours which keeps you going. It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery the charges quickly.

3. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 wireless Bluetooth speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

These speakers from Harman has magnificent sound quality. The give the best features at a very affordable cost. This speaker has a striking design and is very durable. It has superior fabric and a great look.

The sound quality is great with improved bass and highs, lows, as well as mids of the song, are clearly audible. There is no kind of stuttering or lagging of sound. Even if the speaker is very lightweight; it is not as portable.

It also includes the feature of connectivity to Google assistant as well as Siri. One thing that comes as a disappointment is the low battery life of the speaker but it charges quickly. It also isn’t waterproof but it has exceptional sound quality. The bass is enough to make your heart pound.

4. Sony SRS xb43 portable waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

The name of the speaker explains quite a lot about it. The Speaker is granted the fourth position on the list because of its practicality.

It is an amazing Bluetooth speaker with enhanced connectivity options. You can effortlessly access Siri and Google’s assistant with the speaker. It stars all modern technology and is made with the finest quality of the material.

With C type USB charging port this speaker also has other audio ports that are concealed behind a waterproof flap. It is perfect for beach and pool parties. It has a rich sound that gives 360-degree audio quality.

The bass is great and even at full volumes sound is audible precisely. You can use this all day long thanks to its battery life of 24 hours. It is stylish with the fiber-reinforced resin shell and has a waterproof durable coating.

The speaker is shockproof and is perfect for rough and tough situations occurring in any sort of party. Even though it’s a bit large for portability the speaker has everything it needs. Originating at an affordable cost there is nothing that stops you from getting this blasting speaker from Sony.

4. Jabra speak 710 UC wireless Bluetooth speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

This wireless Bluetooth speaker has the most appealing design. It looks premium and gives a luxury Vibe. It is perfect for any type of audio conference or calls because of its Omni-directional microphone. It is a great option for officers and schools.

It is portable and lightweight along with the promised durability. Talking about the battery life it is quite decent with 15 hours of playtime. The sound quality of the speaker is amazing and promises a rich audio quality.

There’s nothing bad about the speaker except the LED visibility issue. Apart from that this wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great choice for anyone and everyone.

The Bluetooth connectivity is also excellent and you will face no kind of connectivity issues. You can go for this speaker without a doubt.

5. JBL pulse 3 wireless Bluetooth ip67 waterproof speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

Of course, there had to be one more Bluetooth speaker from the brand JBL. This affordable Bluetooth speaker features intense audio quality with all the finest options. The speaker is tough and is built with smooth plastic material.

The plastic material is quite strong and has led lighting installed in it. It lets you jam to your favorite audios even at midnight thanks to the LED lightings that you could easily alter with its JBL connect app. It has noise and echoes canceling speaker microphone that makes it perfect for calls.

You can also access Google Assistant and Siri with this speaker. Talking about the sound quality, it gives a fuller and strong audio with 360 degrees sound feature. You can connect up to two devices with Bluetooth concurrently. It’s lightweight and portable.

It has an average battery life and it lasts up to 12 hours and also there’s no feature of NFC. But with its ipx7 waterproof rating, it defeats this disappointment. Even if you submerge it in the depth of 1-meter water there will be no kind of damage to it. Get the speaker and have your perfect pool party buddy.

7. Edifier R1850db active bookshelf Bluetooth speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

The next speakers a good option if you want something to enhance the sound of your monitor or TV. These speakers have a fabulous design and a chic look with three dials for controlling volume, bass, and treble. They have various connectivity options located at the back of the speaker.

It has a silky sleek finish just like the back of a piano. These speakers are very easy to use and the handling is comfortable. The audio quality is also great and sounds are balanced.

Long cables are provided with this speaker so that you could easily attach them to any device. Apart from the cables, you can also connect them via Bluetooth. It’s a powerful set of speakers and it comes at a very reasonable price.

8. Ultimate ears mega boom 3 speakers

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

These speakers from ultimate ears are just astounding. Just as the name mega boom, these speakers give a blasting audio quality. The sounds produced are balanced and clear. Even at full sounds, there is no issue with the speaker.

It has a cylindrical body that looks appealing. It has a plasma coated silky finish that gives the speaker a premium look. The finish also makes the speaker stain proof. The speaker is just like a high-end Bluetooth speaker but comes at a very affordable cost.

With the hundred feet Bluetooth range there is no sort of connectivity issue with this Bluetooth speaker. It is waterproof and splash-proof and that’s not the best part, its battery lasts for a good 20 hours and does not drain out easily.

It has an ultra-fast micro USB for charging and you can keep the music on all day long. It is extremely portable and lightweight. Overall it’s a great speaker to go for.

9. UE Boom 2 urban explorer Bluetooth speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with clear sound quality and good battery life and you should off for this speaker from urban explorer. It has a decent battery life of 15 hours and has the feature of fast charging.

The audio quality is great and surrenders a 360 degrees sound with clear vocals. The sound is balanced and the bass is strong. You can easily pair it with any kind of Bluetooth device and it also allows two Bluetooth devices to be connected at the same time.

It has a range of hundred feet that makes it very efficient and accessible. It’s made with premium materials and has a cylindrical shape. It is durable and resolute.

Apart from all this the speaker also has an ipx7 rating which makes it waterproof; even when submerged for 30 minutes in a depth of 1 meter the speaker comes out without damage. To sum it up there is nothing bad about the speaker. Every melody lover should surely own this device.

10. Bang and Olufsen Beoplay P2 portable Bluetooth device

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

Are you looking for a compact Bluetooth speaker? So the B and O portable Bluetooth speaker is just the one for you. It is a pocket-friendly compact Bluetooth speaker that is fit for almost any occasion.

The design is stylish and it comes in 3 color options that include black, beige, and blue. The design is stunning and the speaker is made with anodized aluminum making it splash and dustproof.

The battery life is quite average with 10 hours of battery backup but considering its ultraportable size, it is sufficient. It is very easy to use and there is no argument with Bluetooth connectivity.

The sound quality is also great with equitable sounds and rich bass. There’s a little trouble while playing high and mids of the audio but apart from that, this speaker is an amazing option at a reasonable cost.

How to choose best Bluetooth speaker:- Complete Buying Guide

Even if you know about the best models available in the market you still lack a little perspective. The buying guide will surely help you in clearing all your queries and give you a great direction for spending money over your beats.

It includes information about important factors of any Bluetooth speaker that you should consider before buying. Go through the buying guide to make a knowledgeable choice.

Design And Audio Quality

The best tip here is to go with a portable design and 360-degree audio quality. Keep in mind that you need convenience from your Bluetooth speaker and hence having a speaker with a portable design will be better.

Also, make sure that the speaker is made from high-quality premium materials so that it is durable. For audio quality always check if the sound is balanced and having a speaker with 360 degrees sound will give you rich and fuller audio.

Connectivity Option

Check if the Bluetooth speaker offers a variety of connectivity options. Some speakers allow you to connect via Bluetooth as well as cables, which make them quite convenient. Also, look for an option of NFC that helps you quickly pair with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

It would be great to have a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to connect to multiple devices at the same time, this will allow you to switch between different users.

USB Charging

USB charging means that you can charge your speaker without an electric outlet. Power banks will charge you the speaker for you. Also, look for an option that supports the micro USB port to connect with power banks.

Battery Life

Battery life is something that you should pay more attention to. Look for a satisfactory battery life of 15 hours or above depending on your usage. Some Bluetooth devices also feature fast charge which is a great option.

Extra Features

Also, check for features like water-resistant, dust resistance, shockproof nature extra. Water-resistance is important for a speaker if you love to host pool parties. It is also a great option to take with you if you go camping or tracking frequently.

Rough users should also check for the shockproof nature of the Bluetooth speaker and dust resistance will give you a speaker with more durability.

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