5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $150 | Top Picks Of 2022

We’ll all agree that a great day starts with our favorite songs. Music heals the body just like medicine heals the soul. Sometimes all you need is good music.

And what can be better than wired speakers? Wireless Bluetooth speakers!

Everybody loves the convenience that Bluetooth speakers give. You save a lot of time looking for aux cables and then connecting your phones. Bluetooth speakers, on the other hand, define convenience. They are easy to use, quick to pair, and give an amazing performance.

Modern-day Bluetooth speakers are so much more than their previous versions of it. With growing technology many Bluetooth speakers are developed in the best way possible with features like hands-free mode, fast connectivity, quick pairing, and other things; Bluetooth speakers rise to any occasion ranging from solo music blasts to small house gatherings.

But as the technology grows, so does the price tag. Expensive Bluetooth speakers promise high-end brand performance but after you spend a huge amount of money, you often regret getting them. Sometimes cheaper Bluetooth speakers give better performance than branded ones.

With so many technological advancements and different features available, there is competition in the market regarding Bluetooth speakers. The price tag or the quality varies from brand to brand and if this variety messes with your head. Then don’t you worry we got your back!

In the list below we have compiled the best Bluetooth speakers available for under 150 dollars. Yeah, you read that correctly! We bring you the best of the best Bluetooth speakers all of it under the price tag of 150 dollars. So you spend less and get more.

All the speakers listed below are selected after filtering thousands of reviews and customer ratings. You won’t be disappointed even if you go with any speaker on the list. There is also a list of frequently asked questions along with a buying guide at the end, be sure to check that out as well so you could clear your doubts. Let us begin with the best Bluetooth speakers under 150 dollars without further.

5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $150 | Top Picks

1. JBL Flip 5

2. Ultimate Ears Boom 3

3. Anker Soundcore 2

4. JBL Charge 3



1. JBL Flip 5 – Best Overall Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 150

Everybody is familiar with how amazing the brand JBL is. JBL Flip 5 is the best overall Bluetooth speaker on the list under the budget of 150 dollars.

JBL promises you all the essentials that a Bluetooth speaker needs. From its battery to IPX 7 rating everything in the speaker is impressive.

The most important thing you consider while buying a speaker is its battery so, let’s start with that. JBL Flip 5 promises you a battery life of 12 hours. The battery lasts for a long time and does not drain out easily even if you use it on full volume.

But you can also decrease the volume to increase battery life. The USB charging cable is provided to recharge this 4800 MaH battery. in addition to this, the speaker also features a USB type C charging port that lets you recharge your phone when you are running low on battery.

Coming to the performance of the speaker, the speaker produces music in the most efficient way possible. Its amazing bass gets your heart pounding. All the tones are nice and balanced. You get to experience crystal clear sounds.

The Bluetooth is highly compatible and connects with a range of devices. Bluetooth is strong and hence there is no fluctuation in the sound and you get to enjoy status free music all day long. Bluetooth pairs with any device readily and you won’t experience any connectivity issues.

The highlight of this speaker has to be its ipx7 waterproof rating. this makes the speaker immune to any kind of water splashes or even when the speaker is submerged in water for nearly 30 minutes. IPX rating also provides the speaker immunity against accidental falls or shocks.

JBL also gives you a party booster function with all its devices. This function allows you to connect up to 100 speakers simultaneously to boost any party.

Overall, JBL never fails to impress its customers with its amazing and quality products. You get an immersive audio experience with its speaker.

2. Ultimate Ears Boom 3 – Best Immersive 360-Degree Sound

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $200

The next speaker on a list is the ultimate ears boom 3 Bluetooth speakers. Ultimate ears give that speaker a 360 degree surround sound feature that provides you with an immersive sound experience. Apart from that its battery life and features like water resistance and shock resistance are very impressive.

The speaker is virtually indestructible and will last you many years. It is extremely portable and is durable hands to the high-quality material used in its manufacture. Two-tone shimmering fabric is something that covers and protects the speaker from damage.

The speaker has an ipx 7 rating that makes it immune to water. It is completely waterproof and even if you submerge it in water for about 30 minutes it will still be the same. IPX rating not only protects it against water but also gives it shock resistance making it highly durable. You don’t have to worry about its maintenance at all as it is waterproof, stain proof, dustproof, as well as shockproof.

Its battery is amazing and the battery life gives you a staggering continuous15 hours of playback. It also features a fast-charging mode so you don’t have to wait around for the speaker to charge completely. The battery takes you through the day without draining easily So that you could enjoy your music all day long.

Talking about the performance of the speaker is the speaker’s features of 360-degree audio.360-degree audio refers to the immersive sound experience that you get when the speaker gives out sound from all its sides. The speaker gives you deep, accurate, crisp sounds with the click of a button. It is best for surround sound experience.

Just like JBL ultimate ears boom also can be paired with up to 150 other UE boom and mega boom speakers, so you can enjoy amplified sound.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the speaker is flawless and gives you a Bluetooth range of about 150 feet. This makes it highly convenient and you won’t have to keep your phone engaged and you can easily carry around with you up to the distance of150 feet away from the speaker. The speaker is also equipped with charging dock compatibility.

Even though there are no hands-free calling features available in this speaker it still gives you everything that you need. You can also access one-touch music controls as well as control the speaker with the Bluetooth music source. You can get all these features for fewer than 150 dollars. So what are you waiting for?

3. Anker Soundcore 2 – Best Affordable Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 150

Be prepared to be astonished because the next speaker is Anker soundcore 2. Anker again is one of the most sought-after brands which is loved by all its customers. And why shouldn’t it be? It brings you magnificent features and sets the boundaries high. And it has done the same with its Anker Soundcore 2.

The speaker boasts a long-lasting battery that lasts you all day long. With the 24 hours playback time, the battery does not drain out easily and keeps you going throughout the day. Not just long-lasting but the battery is also fast charging thanks to the 5200 mah battery installed in it. For a price that is under 150 dollars getting a battery life of 24 hours is just transcendent.

The anchor sound core promises you excellent sound quality that provides you an immersive audio experience. The bass of the speaker is great and so is its design. is the perfect amalgamation of good looks as well as great performance in a single speaker.

The speaker is certified with an ipx7 rating. This makes the speaker waterproof, shockproof, rainproof, dustproof, snow prove, or stain proof. Basically, the speaker is outdoor proof and is perfect for long vacations and family trips. Even if you are a rough user the speaker promises you durability and you won’t have to worry about its maintenance at all.

Apart from being ipx7 certified the speaker has many other good things like no sound distortion. Its advanced and enhanced digital signal processor makes sure that the audio you get flawless. There is no kind of stuttering in the sound and you won’t experience lagging when paired with its Bluetooth.

Talking about its Bluetooth, it uses Bluetooth 5 that is considered one of the best in the market especially because of its flawless connectivity. Both these features make sure that you experience a lag-free music session every time you use this speaker.

To sum it all up, the speaker brings to you great bass, ipx 7 ratings, flawless connectivity, BT 5, and much more all under $150. What else do you need?

4. JBL Charge 3 – Best/ Long Battery Life

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 150

Looking for a hands-free Bluetooth speaker? Meet JBL charge 3. The speaker is considered the best one in the market for its long-lasting battery life and excellent performance. The speaker is very admirable and is equipped with the best features that JBL has to provide.

Let’s talk about his battery first. It is powered by a 6000 MaH battery. The battery will last you all day long but it provides playtime of 20 hours easily. You can increase display time by 3 to 4 hours if you decrease the volume. But a 20 hours battery is sufficient to take you through the day.

The battery does not drain out even when it is used on full volume and lasts for a longer time. The best part is that the battery features a fast charge so you don’t have to wait around. Moreover, you can also charge your smartphone or tablet with the speaker if you are running low on power and have no other source. This makes a speaker really convenient and handy in times of need.

Just like other JBL models the speaker is also certified with ipx7 treating that makes it outdoor proof. An ipx7 rating provides its immunity against any kind of damage. It is shockproof, waterproof, stain-proof, dustproof, and also rain and snow proof. It is perfect for outdoor or for pool parties. The speaker by j b l is also a great companion for your long showers.

The speaker is high powered and provides you with high performance all at a low cost. You can enjoy lag-free seamless wireless Bluetooth streaming with the speaker and the compatibility range is admirable. You can connect up to three devices simultaneously with the speaker and switch between them flawlessly. Also, the audio quality is superb and you won’t experience lags or fluctuations with this speaker. It gives you clear, balanced music with an exalted bass.

In addition to all these features, the speaker gives you NFC connectivity. The icing on the cake is that the speaker can be used as a hands-free device. You can access Google Assistant and Siri with this speaker with the touch of a button. The speaker also features echo and noise cancellation systems that make it convenient for receiving or answering calls.

There will be no complaining of unclear audio while taking calls. And last but not least coming from a brand like JBL the speaker couldn’t be any better. You won’t even have to spend a lot while acquiring the speaker as its price tag is low and it’s just fit for any kind of occasion. Go get the JBL charge 3 Bluetooth speakers right now!

5. JBL FLIP 4 – Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under1500

JBL is one of the best brands when it comes to manufacturing speakers. That is the reason why you are saying JBL repeats itself so many times in a list. The JBL combines all its ultimate features in JBL flip 4. It is the enhanced version of its previous models and guarantees wonderful performance.

It is packed with numerous features that make it one of the best speakers available for under 150 dollars.

The JBL flip is equipped with powerful speakers and gives you excellent stereo sound. You can enjoy loud music with this premium quality speaker.

Its battery provides you 12 hours of playtime and features fast charging. It uses a 3000 MaH rechargeable battery. Compared to other speakers on the list, the battery is not the best but it is adequate.

The speaker is fitted with dual passive radiators that help in boosting the power of the speakers. These radiators promise you clear and amplified sounds with balanced tones.

The speaker is completely hands-free and you can access Siri and Google as well as Alexa with it. There is also a feature of taking or rejecting calls.

Moreover, just like all the speakers on this list, this speaker has an ipx7 certified rating. This rating makes the speaker very long-lasting and durable. The speaker is free of any damage by dust, snow, rainwater, shock, or accidental spills for splashes. Even when you submerge the speaker in water for 30 minutes the speaker still comes out unharmed.

Moreover, the speaker can be connected to two smartphones at the same time. You can also switch between smartphones without any sort of difficulty. This makes the speaker very convenient to use and very reliable as well.

We cannot neglect JBL’s party boosting mode. You can connect up to 100 + JBL devices simultaneously to amplify the sound.

The JBL Flip 4 is not the best one on the list but also isn’t the worst in the market. You can go with the speaker without second thoughts.

Buying Guide for the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 150 USD

Even if you know about the best speakers available in the market you still have something’s that you should keep in mind before buying any speaker. This buying guide will help you get the best Bluetooth speaker for under 150 dollars.

As explained earlier with the advancement in technology many new Bluetooth speakers are developed. You will be astonished to know that there are thousands of speakers below the price range of 150 dollars but not all of them are as good as the ones mentioned in the list.

Many sellers use cheaper materials that just do not give satisfactory performance. So do not be fooled by lower price tags and invest in a worthy Bluetooth speaker if you want it to last longer and have good features.

There are many things to consider before going for a Bluetooth speaker such as its price, design, compatibility, etc. we have explained what matters and what does not in the buying guide below. You can get detailed insights on how to opt for a suitable Bluetooth speaker so go through every bit of this buying guide.

We’ve also answered some frequently asked questions at the end of this buying guide for your convenience. So let’s just start with the buying guide without wasting any more time.


Many people feel that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers are the same but you need to understand the difference between them. There’s a huge variance between Bluetooth speakers and the speakers that use Wi-Fi streaming.to understand this difference let’s talk about both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers in detail.

Starting with Bluetooth speakers, these speakers can be carried around anywhere with you and there is no need for Wi-Fi. Bluetooth speakers work by a wireless point-to-point system that basically means that there’s a transmitter like a smartphone and plays music.

You can stream high-quality music through Bluetooth speakers and now that modern technology affects the manufacturing of speakers, these speakers have gained a lot of improvement. The sound quality is improved and so is the fidelity.

But even Bluetooth systems lack behind in some areas. It’s hard for Bluetooth speakers to inculcate multi-room capabilities in them. With Bluetooth speakers, you can only expand the multi-room capability by developing a Daisy chain.

Wi-Fi systems in variation are capable of a higher level of audio fidelity. If the Wi-Fi reaches all the rooms then Wi-Fi systems can easily support the streaming of music. Some common examples of Wi-Fi systems include Apple airplay, Google cast, and many other ones.

Wi-Fi systems are a little better than Bluetooth systems because they are also capable of handling more bandwidth resulting in better fidelity. In addition to all this through Wi-Fi systems, you can also play audio if any device is connected to your Wi-Fi without pairing it with the system.

Even when Wi-Fi systems have all these features Bluetooth systems are more popular because you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection for playing music. You can carry the Bluetooth device around with you and with a source like a smartphone or a tablet you can easily stream music on the Bluetooth device.

So the best option here would be to look for a Bluetooth speaker that supports both audio settings, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The dual functioning of these two will support multi-room audio and they will be more convenient.

However, if you have to compromise with the price while getting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speaker then just go with the Bluetooth enabled option.


Apart from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, portability is also something that you need to pay attention to. Almost all the Bluetooth speakers and highly portable. Their small design and compact nature allow the user to carry them around without any difficulty. Some of the Bluetooth speakers also come with attached straps that you can clip onto any surface; this enhances its portability and makes it easy for the user to carry it around.

Even larger Bluetooth speakers come with handles as well as wheels that make it easy for the user to transport and shift it.

Always look for a Bluetooth speaker that is compact but still produces blasting music. If you’re going with the Bluetooth speaker under the price tag of 150 dollars then all the speakers most likely will have a smaller size than you can easily transport. Some Bluetooth speakers also come in a mug like shape, that is easy to handle and to use. So before choosing your next Bluetooth speaker pay attention to how portable it is.


Durability refers to how long the product will last (in this case a speaker). It is best to never compromise with the durability of any speaker.

Just think about it, if you want to take the speaker along with you on road trips and vacations then the speaker must be durable. It should be immune to accidental shocks or water splashes and most importantly dirt and dust. So what you could do is look for an IPX rating and opt for an ipx certified product.

Such ratings make sure that the product is durable and will last against any kind of damage. Go for an IPX7 rating or higher for the best kind of protection. An ipx 7 rating ensures that the speaker is protected against water, shock, dirt, rain, dust, snow, or even another kind of accident. If a Bluetooth speaker has ipx7 certified then it is outdoor proof and is one of the safest choices.

Pay more if you have to but get a durable Bluetooth speaker as you are going to have this speaker for a while. So make sure that it will last you many years.


A Bluetooth speaker’s audio quality is its identity. Even if your Bluetooth speaker has the fanciest looks and if the sound quality is poor then it is of no use.

A Bluetooth audio quality should be stutter-free and there should be no kind of lagging. You should be able to enjoy premium quality audio.

Check if the speaker gives a smooth bass, clear vocals, and balanced tones. If it does then you have hit the jackpot and if it does not then you should consider looking for other options. The audio quality of the Bluetooth speaker also depends on your music genres, many songs might sound a little bit different in different Bluetooth speakers but it is hard to notice the difference.

If you are into low toned songs then some things like bass won’t matter as much to you. so check the Bluetooth audio quality and go with what suits your preferences. Moreover, choose audio and sound quality over the looks of the speaker. Make sure that the sound quality of the speaker is uplifting and it is efficient of producing balanced audios and Crisp vocals.


We won’t even have to explain this to you as it is common sense. If you want fulfilling music in large areas then you have to go with the largest speakers. On the other hand, if you want to get a speaker for a small space for personal use then a small-sized speaker will suffice.

Size and portability go hand in hand and you should always consider these before buying any speaker.

Other important considerations…

Here are some other important things to consider before buying your Bluetooth speaker. These additional features do not matter as much as the ones listed above but do check them out.


Sound surround technology refers to a 360-degree audio experience provided by a speaker. Many Bluetooth speakers are developed with these sounds around technology that give you an immersive experience. Some speakers also feature fluting orbs for providing you with the best quality of audio. 360 degree sound is heavenly and if you get that in a speaker then you are in luck.


Do not go below 6 hours of battery life in any Bluetooth speaker. Also, look for a battery that features fast charging modes so that you don’t have to wait around. A battery should ideally last for more than 12 hours.

Some Bluetooth devices also feature charging through them. You can charge your smartphones or tablets from the Bluetooth device if you lack any other power source. Having this option is very convenient so do look into it and choose a long-lasting battery life.


Your Bluetooth speaker must be capable of multiple connectivity options. Go with Bluetooth speakers that offer wired as well as a wireless connection. Also having an option of NFC and aux cable is a bonus.


Here are some frequently asked questions to clear all your doubts and queries. Go through them to understand more about Bluetooth speakers.


Yes, some Bluetooth speakers come with the option of recharging your phones or tablets. These Bluetooth speakers use heavy-duty batteries and such batteries last long.

You can easily charge your phone completely with the use of a Bluetooth speaker as a power bank. Such Bluetooth speakers feature batteries that last more than 8 hours and can be used when no other power source is available.


You can utilize NFC or other available apps to connect one or more Bluetooth devices. You can also opt for Daisy-chaining which helps you connect two or more Bluetooth devices at the same time. By connecting more Bluetooth devices you can enjoy amplified sound.


no, not all Bluetooth devices feature a built in microphone. If your Bluetooth device has a built-in microphone then you will be able to answer calls or reject calls. You can also use a hands-free mode. Moreover, you can access voice assistants like Google or Siri.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that assists hands-free mode then a built-in microphone is a must.


Buying an ideal Bluetooth speaker can be tricky. There are millions of options available both online and offline, to add to this confusion the market competition makes it harder for you to get a  good deal.

All the speakers in the list above are under the price tag of 150 dollars and are worthy of every penny you spend over it. All of the Bluetooth speakers are durable and easily portable and promise the best performance. None of the speakers above will disappoint you as all of them come from cherished brands. You can go with any speaker and we promise that you’ll love it.

We hope that this list, buying guide, and frequently answered questions help you a lot and influenced your decision. Make a wise decision.

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